June 2, 2017

Famous things to buy for KSA Visiting

Famous things to buy in  Saudi Arabia ,Places and Useful Information

1.Souks is The traditional open air markets, its an old markets of Jeddah along the Red Sea.You can buy  at Al-Basha Market for gold and precious jewels . in Jeddah,The Souk Al Nada is one of the oldest shopping streets  to buy gold, textiles, clothing, jewelry etc.

2. Bateel is good and modern dates and chocolate shops.

3. You can also buy carpet, some antiques ,traditional dress for women  in Saudi Arabia.

4. You can also buy local traditional perfume stores where Abdulsamad Atarjee is famous one.

5. You can also buy gold from Al faisaliah mall, kingdom tower mall and Al nemr mall etc.  But for reasonably priced gold jewelry, try to go to Batha, Filipino market,Deira ec.

6.If you are looking diamonds, then you can visits good jewelry stores in olaya.

7. If you want to buy tobacco,cigarette,paan etc in Jeddah then you can go to Al-Sharafiya market, Jeddah there you can get some shops.

8. If you are veg and visiting Jeddah then you can visit metro hotel ,village,jum jum hotel,India gate hotel in Jeddah there you can take good veg food.

9.Al-Balad Market, Jeddah is A beautiful historic place in Jeddah.If you are looking for deals and discounts then l-Balad Market is best place.You can find good watches, electronics, prayer mats, textiles,perfume ,dates and chocolate etc

10.Grand Al Saha,at Madina road, Saudi business center is good hotel to stay 270 SAR for single person room if you are 2 person then its 360 SAR charges for double bed single room.

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