May 3, 2017

SQL Server Tips for Memory usage,replication,CU updates etc

1. To check which user is taking maximum memory usage in SQL 2014 You can try below command

select * from sys.sysprocesses


2. How to rename a column in subscription table in replication

You have to remove from replication: Rename. and then re-add to replication

3. Clear cache in SQL for TempDb.



 4. How to install the Service pack 3 on server,This is my recommendations .

Server: SQL server 2012 standard edition having sp1 and you want to install the SP3 and CU 7 at a time ?

Then you can install SP3 and check if that covers CU 7 as well, if not then you can install CU 7 after the SP3 Successfully installed.

But make sure to take the DB Backups prior to proceed

5. Resolve Authentication Error for Mailbox in SQL

Error is Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: Authentication is required for relay
in SMTP server

If You are providing the server address like Server ip without login details that means It is Anonymous authentication type.

The issue mentioned in this post as the SMTP doesn't allow anonymous authentication.

You need to  provide the credentials to authenticate to SMTP Server.

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