March 30, 2017

Software engineer salary Career path

This is Career path for Software..

Career path for Software.

Salary is depends on experience . I can not define salary for all level but As I am technical so I can define probable salary for Axapta Technical Experience wise.

1.Ax Fresher Technical- Starting salary should be 3.5 lacs per year and most companies use bond sign also..

2. If person is experience for upto 3 year than salary range goes to 4.5 lacs to 7 lacs .

3 If person experience is 4 to 10 year  then salary range goes to 7 to 17 lacs. 
4. If experience is more that 10 year then salary goes to 18 lacs to 25 lacs.
5. If person reached to 25 lacs then chances of salary start for decrements.

Its also depend upon institute and course salary may have variation.