October 19, 2016

Interview Cracking Steps and common questions

Interview Cracking Steps

1) Resume: Mention all the skills and achievements. Be true to yourself and do not exaggerate. Develop good command on all the topics which you have mentioned in the resume.  Review your resume thoroughly and make sure it is error free and properly formatted.
2) List down the topics which you are strong at. Leverage this point to highlight your skills during your interview. Show your contributions as a team member which help to perform tasks easier.
3) List down the topics which you are weak at
4) Make a note of your recent achievements like issues, new implementations, automation, standardization and documenting. Make sure you have some stories to tell. This will help in giving a good idea about your skills and the interview would be held in these areas mostly.


Common questions
1) Tell me about yourself- Make sure you are well prepared for this. This gives and idea about yourself as well as you communication skills.
2) Tell me the day to day activities and tasks you perform-This is an important question which will tell the interviewer about your way of work and how will you handle your production servers. Response given by you will navigate your interview. Make sure you never utter your weakest area topics in your response.
3) Make room to tell about your recent achievements.
4) Do not try to bluff the interviewer. Be true if you do not know the answer and convey that you have only minimal knowledge in this area. Show them a positive attitude that you can learn.  
5) Show an attitude that you try to troubleshoot the issues with a never give up attitude.