December 1, 2015

Virus protection tips for your laptop of PC

1. Please do not open any Email attachments from unknown sources your own personal mail accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

2. Kindly take backup all your important Data regularly on CD or DVD and scan external disk before using.

3. Please  do not click on any Links , sent from unknown sources, either via Emails or accessing your Facebook,twitter account.  These can be infected with virus.

4. Please do not Disable your Anti-Virus under any circumstances on your machine.

5. Update all Patches - Antivirus, Operating System , MS Office and windows patches update .

6. If you are unable to open any of your files then need to check virus infection and scan with antivirus.

7. If you use or share any External Drives such as  USB Hard Disks, need to SCAN them with the Antivirus software before using them.