February 26, 2015

Solution for SQL Database Backup Restore Error

Sql Error Description

Facing Below Error during Restoring of SQL Database to existing database or newly created database.

Restore of database 'MicrosoftDynamicsAx' failed.
(  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.RelationalEngineTasks)

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: BACKUP LOG cannot be performed because there is no current database backup. (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoExtended)

Sql database Restore error

Sql database Restore error


This Error due to you have take Full SQL Backup in Read only mode. To solve this issue you can try below steps.

1.Untick tail log backup checkbox .If you don't know about Tail log backup option then search on google to know more about tail log backup.

2. Second option is you can take full backup of database again then restore then file on database then you can deleted backed up file to free the disk space.