August 4, 2014

Grant Revoke privilege in SQL

Grant/Revoke are the keywords which uses to grant/revoke privileges on an object to/from a user/group.

Grant is a keyword you use when you want to authorize/authenticate. a principal and Revoke is the Keyword used when you want to take back the Authorization/authentication from the Principal.
Principal refers to Lo-gin at instance level.Database user at Database level.

Grant,revoke,deny,with grant are object level security.Grant means giving permission on a particular object to user.Command: grant privilege on object name to username.

Revoke means taking back the permission. Command: revoke privilege on object name from username.

Deny means restrict user not to do something command: deny privilege on object name to username.

With grant means by using grant user can give grant permission to other user command: grant privilege on object name to user with grant.

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