July 7, 2014

How to add files to logshipped SQL database?

Run log back up job on primary server and disable backup job to make sure not to run any backup jobs further until we enable again. check the log back ups if there are any need to be restored on secondary db, restore them if any until all the log backups complete. Then disable the log shipping add mdf-ldf file take a log backup and restore the same on secondary database them enable log shipping and enable backup job as well.

If the drives and path exist on secondary log shipping will not break, if the drives are different obviously log shipping will fail.u have to disable all jobs in primary make sure that in between no backups will happen. restore that log file backup with move option.

If the path of both files are same it wont break logshipping. If.If path is different then manually restore that particular log backup with move option.

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