September 29, 2013

What is the difference between Java and C#

What is the difference between Java and C#

1. Both are programming languages having same basic concept but syntactically different... We use Java for mobile development where as c sharp in .net development.

2.Java and c# are only almost the same with just a few variation on some keywords. one of the major difference is that java class can inherit multiple classes where c# classes don't.

3.Java can't accept multiple inheritance and it's the same case for c# , c++ can accept multiple inheritance.

4.C# share the same syntax, execution model and run time features( virtual machine , garbage collection,...) and cross platform , C# add features like cross language interoperability. C.C# have very nice features that java didn't have like linq and functional programming using lambda expressions.

5.C# is that every new feature is the result of c# developers suggestions around the world.Also feature like optional and named parameters are aimed to make developer life more easier.This what really make C# the next generation programming language.