January 8, 2013

Proclarity Vs SSRS ,Features enhancement points in SSRS 2008

Proclarity - ease of use; Dashboard and KPI capability; chart types etc., are better than in Microsoft.

Also, Proclarity is something even Business users can use (we can create libraries as starting points and the business users can deploy onto a PAS server)

SSRS - offers greater control over formatting, which sometimes can actually be quite frustrating because expectations from an SSRS report is also higher in terms of formatting detail.
But SSRS cannot be used by business users;
Also no dashboard or KPI capability within SSRS.

printing capabilities SSRS have which proclarity doesn't have. In fact formatting in SSRS might be difficult to achieve but anyway its is better than Proclarity.

The point where Proclarity is better is KPI and Dashboard reports. Once configured even SSRS reports are used by business users. Proclarity as one of my friends said is more of an analytic tool.

Even the Ad-hoc report functionality of SSRS involves Report Builder is meant to be shared with business user, so that they can on the fly select fields and use them in the report.

Features enhancement points in SSRS 2008

These Features enhancement points  in SSRS 2008 in comparision to SSRS 2005.

1)IIS is no longer required
2)Better memory management
3)Export into Microsoft Word
4)Dundas Gauge & Chart control
5)new control:- Tablix data region
6)Enhanced CSV export