December 19, 2012

Epicor 9 and Sage X3

Epicor 9 is a good product, but with high level hardware requirements standards You can get several comments about some of Epicor 9 problems, such as Epicor 9 spare fields which could not be renamed by users, Epicor using only a Progress database.
Nevertheless, gathering information about Epicor is still quite difficult.Epicor and X3 are more complicated products.
No matter what product you choose you will have implementation issues because of the type of manufacture you do. If it's not all that complicated, then neither of these products is the one
for you and the whole selection process needs to start entirely over. If you're so far ahead that you've only got two products left to choose between and you're not already well educated about the fit, then something is well wrong. There should have been a time where you've run your orders, your production, your business through some transactions in some kind of conference room pilot
process. You'll never get that level of understanding, which is crucial, from some web searches.
Install both products, do some simple work on them, gain first hand experience. Otherwise, the selection is already in big trouble.

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