December 14, 2014

Career and opportunity in NGO'S

Working in NGO needs different sets of knowledge, attitude and skills. And obviously it offers a good salary also. But the initial days are very crucial as every moment a development worker has to deal with people.

In India different courses offered by various institutions offers an opportunity to enter into development sector (NGO sector is known as development sector for the professionals). The reputed institutes includes, TISS, Tata –Dhan Academy, XISS,KIIIT and IRMA. Etc. these institutes offers different courses in different names. Like MSW, Development Studies, Development Management, Rural Management etc.

The job opportunity is very good. Initially one can earn between Rs.15000-20000. In abroad one can earn more but in most of the cases it need at least three years of experience.

lease visit website of the few reputed NGOs. You could visit where you will find many opportunities.

There are many NGOs working in Bangalore. Please explore with them. In many of the cases the NGOs offer volunteering opportunity.

The professional NGOs organised stage shows for fundraising. You could be part of that. But before that you have to prove yourself.