August 22, 2011

emittere, fet, NPN, PNP, standard transistors.semiconductor materials, TYPES OF TRANSISTOR


There are two types of standard transistors:

with different circuit symbols. The letters refer to the layers of semiconductor material used to make the transistor. Most transistors used today are NPN because this is the easiest type to make from silicon. If we are new to electronics it is best to start by learning how to use NPN transistors.
The leads are labeled base (B), collector (C) and emitter (E).
These terms refer to the internal operation of a transistor but they are not much help in understanding how a transistor is used, so just treat them as labels
A Darlington Pair is two transistors connected together to give a very high current gain.
In addition to standard (bipolar junction) transistors, there are field-effect transistors, which are usually referred to as FET.

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