February 26, 2015

Limitations of computer,Introduction of Internet

Limitations of computer

1. No Feelings: Computers are not living. Hence, can’t make judgment of its own. Its instructions are based on information given to it in form of program.
2. It is Dumb: Computer posses no intelligence of it’s own. It’s I.Q. is zero. Computer can’t take it’s own decision in this regard.

Definition of  Internet

Internet is a worldwide network that provides an infrastructure to connect universities, government offices, companies, students, scientists, researchers and private individuals.
A machine to be on the Internet means it runs TCP/IP protocol stack, has an IP address, and has the ability to send IP packets to all the other machines on the Internet. A private individual having a personal computer can call up an Internet service provider using a modem, be assigned a temporary IP address, and send IP packets to other Internet hosts. 

An Internet consists of a set of connected networks that act as an integrated whole. The Internet provides universal interconnections while allowing individual groups to use whichever network hardware is best suited to their needs. As a network of networks, it provides a capability for communication to take place between research institutions, individuals, and among all ‘Internet Citizens’.

As a complex system of interlinked networks, the Internet supports millions of ‘servers’ computers housing large volumes of all sorts of information. The Internet is where millions of friends and strangers can chat. It lets people browse through thousands of on –line libraries, play new games, and trade software. Another feature of the Internet is that it has no geographic bounds. Users are logging on from India to the US, India to Australia etc.