August 14, 2011



1. Speed: Computer can do calculations at the super fast speed without any mistake. A modern computer can execute about thirty million instructions in one second.

2. Accuracy: Computer never gives wrong results nature. In fact the most computer errors are caused due to wrong input of data and instructions.

3. Diligence: It is away from basic human nature. It never bored or tired and it can work for long times without creating any error.

4. Storage Capacity: It can store a large amount of information in a very small space. We can display the stored information whenever desired.

5. Versatility: It is one of the most wonderful thing about computer. It can do various jobs at one time.

6. Automatic: They are capable of automatically performing repetitive or long process without making any errors.

7. Power Of Remembering: It can store or recall any information as well as when we required. Computer does not make any guess or forget.

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