June 25, 2011

Micro organisms


There are some organisms around us which we cannot see through naked eyes.
These organisms are called Micro-organisms.
 There are five types of Micro-organisms bacteria, fungi, protozoa, algae and virus.
Where do micro-organisms live?
Micro-organisms can survive under all types of environment,
ranging from ice cold climate to hot springs and deserts to marshy lands.
They are also found inside the bodies of animals including humans.


Fungi is a type of micro-organism. There are three types of fungi Bread mould,
penicillium, aspergillus.

There are two types of protozoa Amoeba and paramecium. Diseases like dysentery and malaria are caused by protozoa. 

There are two types of algae chlamydomonas and spirogyra.

Virus are microscopic. Diseases caused by viruses are cold, influenza, coughs, polio and chicken pox. 

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