June 18, 2011

How to format a partition into NTFS -Disk formatting

To format a partition into NTFS you can try below points.
There can be two possibilities of bad sectors

(1) Your "FAT" or "bootsector" has developed "bad sectors" and it has locked it .There fore it is not allowing system to write partition info it it.Please note that it does not matter for a computer wehter it is last or first.it writes data "randomly".

(2) There would be some kinda lock to your in your hdd which is preenting write to it.In NTFS you can lock the parition.

Go to Administration Tools and Click Computer Management and select disk management, now you will see the partitions in your system and delete the partition you dont want and create a new partion in free space area.Now format the partition in NTFS.

if you'r not able to format that partiton into ntfs you can try converting that with the help of a command
go command promt a type the command

"convert d: /fs:ntfs" (here d:=drive letter you wana convert)

than when ever you restarts your system disk scaning window will appear dont cancel it  that will convert your partition into ntfs & also without data loss.