June 18, 2011

Disk error press any key to restart

Disk error press any key to restart

To resolve this issue on PC you can try this

There is some delay coming in to the picture called Hard Disk Pre-Initialization Time. In simple words Hard Disk and it's own BIOS is not capable to cope-up with your motherboard speed/ booting speed. It happens with fewer boards and Seagate Medalist Family disks combination.

When you are resetting your system, your HDD is already in "Ready to Boot" state hence the error message is not seen. This is nothing special... there is no magic.

I would suggest to rewrite your boot sector. If you have dual boot kind of Operating System then this kind of HDD pre-ini delay strongly comes in to the play.

Check your motherboard BIOS/ CMOS settings. Try to see if you can introduce some kind of delay in the Booting Procedure. Something like Disabling Quick Booting, Enabling HDD Pre Delay, etc. It is also advisable to clean format and re-install the OS.

Just do simple take the hard disk tool (or) Disk Manager do the ZERO FILLING your hard disk and remake
your partition and install OS.

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