June 13, 2011

difference between view and materialized view

difference  between view & materialized view

 View never come until you call them, but once you created materialized view you needn't call that view if the records are equivalent to the records of your select statements/original table.optimiser never contacts to the basetable, if you have created a materialized view equivalent to basetable.In the view you can write "Create or Replace" but in materialized view u can't.If you want to change materialized view, you have to drop that materialized view and create that again.

view is a logical or virtual table it doesn't have data on its own, but materialized view has a physical structure it stores data in local machine or on its own.materialized view can be refreshed automatically or manually. but in view, if any changes happened in the base tables, we want to reflect the same in the view means view has to issue the select statement again to the database.

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