June 18, 2011

Basic requirements of LAN creation

 Basic requirements of LAN creation

1)  computers  with NIC cards (On board or Add on).

2)  cables and RJ 45 connectors.

3) A Hub or Switch. (Switch is recommended).

Connectivity between PC & Switch
There are some other things which you have to do to connect PC.s in LAN.
1) Straight cable crimping. color codes are as below.
Orange-white, Orange, Green-white, Blue, Blue-white, Green, Brown-white brown.
2).Give IP Address to all PC,s in a single network ID. i.e,, etc & Sub net mask is same to all PC. i.e
3) Give any Work group Name to all PC, But it should be same to all PC's.
4) Try to ping the IP with each Other & Then access PC.

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