March 26, 2011

An Introduction to RTSLink DLL

RTSlink DLL is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that allows Software developers to Integrate their Applications with Tally Accounting Software. Using RTSlink, developers can push or pull data from Tally Software in real-time.

RTSlink is based on the Client/Server principles which are as follows:-

The Client Application sends a Request to the Tally Server. The request may be either to Write data (Import data into Tally) or Read data (Export data from Tally).
The Server processes the request and sends a response back to the client.

RTSlink DLL - Functions

Checks whether Tally Software is running or not. If the connection is successful, a zero value is returned. If the connection fails, the error code number is returned.
Sends a request to the Tally Software in form of XML message/tags.
Retrieve Tally Software data (Masters or Vouchers) using SQL-SELECT statement.
Delete Tally Software data (Masters or Vouchers) using SQL-DELETE statement.

Retrieves the last Error Message Text.

Most of the time, you will be using the core functions viz. Open(); Send() in your code. However, to provide more flexibility to the programmer, some additional functionality has been provided.

You may use these functions as an alternative to the send() function.
Method 1: Use SendXMLFileToServer() to send a XML file to Tally

 Your application should create a XML file that contains the required XML tags. Next, invoke the SendXMLFileToServer() function to write this file to [Tally] server application. For more information, refer to the section Using the DLL in Visual Basic.

 Method 2: Use AddXMLTag() & SendXMLTagsToServer()

 Alternatively, your application may invoke the AddXMLTag() function several times to write all the Tags you want. These tags are stored temporarily in memory. After this, you must invoke the SendXMLTagsToServer() function to write these tags to [Tally] server. For more information, refer to the section Using the DLL in Visual Basic.
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You can use RTS link to import data from website database to tally database directly. You can maintain vouchers by data in tally automatically by doing some required code and customization using RTDLink DLL file.

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