January 26, 2011

Why the colour of tyre is black?

Why the colour of tyre is black.?

In the starting days of invention of tyres, black coloured tyres were rarely seen. The general rubber used in the manufacture of tyres was brown in colour. So the tyres were also in the brown colour. But the black colour which is presently used is the unexpected result in an experiment. In 1885, a tyres manufacturing company named M/s. B F Good Rich has tried with dark colour in the manufacture of tyres so that dust and dirt will not be visible clearly. They used black coloured carbon material in the mixture used to make tyres. They observed that the black coloured tyres thus manufactured not only had colour difference but also were 5 times more durable than the brown coloured ones and from then they started mfg black coloured tyres.

Though the latest models of tyres have acquired the qualities of strength and different styles but the black colour is not changed.

It is because of the presence of carbon black. It is used to improve the life of tire and to prevent the external attacks.