January 23, 2011

list of Engineering Courses and colleges in India

This is a list of Engineering Courses found in India. I have show information as per my best collection you can leave new courses as a comments if its not found in this list.

Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering

- This engineering course deals with the design, creation and operation of machines related to flying – planes, missiles, rockets, spacecrafts etc. Aerodynamics, avionics, propulsion, acoustics are subjects that are taught under this course.

Agricultural Engineering
– This branch of engineering focuses on the design and operation of tools, implements and machines that are used in the practice of agriculture.

Computer Engineering
– This engineering stream teaches about the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of computer components.

Electronic and Electrical Engineering
– This engineering course includes research, development, design, creation and maintenance of a diverse set of objects ranging from global Positioning Systems to semi-conductor chips used in mobile phones.

Automobile Engineering
– This stream of engineering studies deals with the design, creation, manufacture and operation of machines relevant to automobiles ranging from the ubiquitous motorcycle to buses and trucks. Civil Engineering – This engineering course teaches about the design, development and construction of bridges, dams, metro, railroad systems etc.

Industrial Engineering
– This branch of engineering studies teaches how to make the machines and people work in tandem with each other so that maximum productivity is derived.

Instrumentation Engineering
– This engineering stream teaches about design, manufacture and maintenance of instruments and instrument units.

Manufacturing Engineering
– A Manufacturing Engineer is taught how to manufacture things – be it structures, machinery, electronics, medical devices, automobile parts, textiles and clothing, or household products or toys or cans and bottles any thing and everything that can be manufactured.

Marine Engineering
– Under this engineering course, one gets to learn the designing, construction and management of ships and other naval vehicles.

Mechanical Engineering
– This engineering branch is concerned with the design, construction, and operation of power plants, engines, and machines. It deals mostly with things that move.

metallurgical Engineering
– This stream of engineering studies deals with metals – basically the research, development and manufacture of new metal alloys for wide applications across industries.

Mining Engineering
- This engineering stream deals with mines and minerals. The mining equipment is developed and manufactured by mining engineers. Besides this, there are also an array of other engineering courses which one can specialize in like ceramic engineering, textile engineering, nuclear engineering…the list can go on and on.

Hope that now all the engineering aspirants are sufficiently knowledgeable about various Engineering streams that available at their disposals.

Top 20 colleges

Top 20 Engineering Colleges in India
IIT, Delhi(Est: 1959)
Hauz Khas, Delhi-110016.
Tel: 011-26581988
Website: www.iitd.ernet.in
E-mail: webmaster@admin.iitd.ac.in
Seats: 510
Cut-off: Joint entrance exam

IIT, Kanpur (Est: 1959)
Tel: 0512-2597178
Website: www.iitk.ac.in
E-mail: scs@iitk.ac.in
Seats: 489
Cut-off: Joint entrance exam
A consistent leader in the engineering stream, this institute is surging ahead in computer science and other fields also.

IIT, Mumbai(Est: 1958)
Mumbai-400076 Tel: 022-25767025
Website: www.iitb.ac.in
E-mail: pro@iith.ac.in
Seats: 1,000
Cut-off: Joint entrance exam
This IIT has one of the biggest and most picturesque campuses in Mumbai. It is in the news not just for its pioneering research and stellar academic performance but also for its college festivals like Mood Indigo.

IIT, Kharagpur(Est: 1950)
Tel: 03222-282002
Website: www.iitkgp.ernet.in
E-mail: director@iitkgp.ernet.in
Seats: 696
Cut-off: Joint entrance exam
The institute has made great progress in research and development. Latest developments: a new boys' hostel and a clutch of new courses.

IIT, Chennai (Est: 1951)
Guindy, Chennai-600036
Tel: 044-22578034
Website: www.iitm.ac.in
E-mail: dracad@iitm.ac.in
Seats: 497
Cut-off: Joint entrance exam
A faculty of international repute, a brilliant student community, excellent technical and supporting staff and an effective administration have all contributed to its pre-eminent status.

IIT, Roorkee(Est: 1847)
Tel: 01332-285090
Website: www.iitr.ac.in
E-mail: spgfee@iitr.ernet.in
Seats: 494
Cut-off: Joint entrance exam
Its forte lies in civil engineering. Has produced seven chairpersons of the Indian Railways. Also has the world's only earthquake engineering department and pulp and paper engineering programme.

Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi (Est: 1940)
Bawana Road, Delhi-110042
Tel: 011-27871018
Website: www.dce.edu
E-mail: dce@dce.edu
Seats: 570
Cut-off: Entrance test
DCE students, who show exceptional entrepreneurial skills, gave the country its first hybrid vehicle that runs on both battery and petrol. The college is also at the helm of research in bio diesel.

NIT Karnataka, Surathkal(Est: 1960)
Srinivas Nagar, Suratkhal-575025
Tel: 0824-2474034
Website: www.nitk.ac.in
E-mail: shieskumar@nillk.ac.in
Seats: 480
Cut-off: Entrance exam
Established originally as the Karnataka Regional Engineering College, the institutes's motto is to transform youth not only into good technologists and specialist professionals but also into good human beings.

Institute of Technology, BHU(Est: 1919)
Tel: 0542-2368427
Website: www.itbhu.ac.in
E-mail: director_it@bhu.ac.in
Seats: 643
Cut-off: Joint entrance exam
The institute is known for its transparent admission procedure, fair selection and 100 per cent placements.

NIT, Warangal(Est: 1959)
Tel: 0870-2462014
Website: www.nitw.ernet.in
Seats: 375
Cut-off: Entrance exam
Holds many technical and cultural events like Spring Spree. Among its alumni is Rao Remala, the first Indian employee of Microsoft.

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati(Est: 1994)
Tel: 0361-2690790
Website: www.iitg.ernet.in
E-mail: ads@iitg.ernet.in Seats: 302
Cut-off: Joint entrance exam
With a beautiful campus in the hills, it offers new and innovative short-term courses like seismology from time to time.

College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai(Est: 1859)
Guindy, Chennai-600025
Tel: 044-22203200
E-mail: ceg@annauniversity.com
Seats: 799
Cut-off: Entrance test
The university fosters co-operation between the academic and research communities on the one hand and industry and government on the other to promote entrepreneurship among students.

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli(Est: 1964)
Tanjore Road, Tiruchirapally-620015
Tel: 0431-2501801
Website: www.nitt.edu
Seats: 625
Cut-off: Entrance exam
The institute consciously seeks to lessen the burden of labour through training and innovation and also develop eco-friendly processes for industries.

Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala(Est: 1956)
P.O. Box 32, Patiala-147004
Tel: 0175-2393021
Website: www.tiet.ac.in
E-mail: registrar@tiet.ac.in
Seats: 446
Cut-off: Entrance exam
Granted full autonomy and the status of a deemed university, it interacts closely with industry and places emphasis on research.

PIET's College of Engineering, Pune(Est: 1854)
Wellsley Road, Pune-411005
Tel: 020-25507101
Website: www.coep.org.in
Seats: 582
Cut-off: Entrance test

University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore(Est: 1917)
K.R. Circle, Bangalore-560001
Tel: 080-22210694
Website: www.uvce.in
E-mail: principal@uvce.ac.in
Seats: 517
Cut-off: Entrance test
A geographical landmark in Bangalore, this college occupies a prime place on the map of the city's engineering institutes as well.

Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi(Est: 1955)
BIT Mesra, Ranchi-835215
Tel: 0651-2275896
Website: www.bitmesra.ac.in
E-mail: bbpant@bitmesra.ac.in Seats: 495
Cut-off: Entrance test
The institute's 6,000 alumni play an important role in training students. Irrespective of where they are, they act as mentors and provide guidance to students under a unique mentorship programme.

Dr. BR Ambedkar NIT, Jalandhar(Est: 2002)
G.T. Road Bypass, Jalandhar-144011
Tel: 0181-2690301
Website: www.nitj.ac.in
Seats: 430
Cut-off: Entrance test
The institute offers B.Tech in nine disciplines along with research programmes leading to M.Tech and PhD degrees.

Guru Nanak Dev College, Ludhiana(Est: 1953)
Gill Road, Near VPO Gill, Ludhiana-141006
Tel: 0161-2490339
Seats: 420
Cut-off: Common entrance exam
The thrust is on practical learning and the empowerment of the disadvantaged sections is given considerable importance.

Motilal Nehru NIT, Allahabad(Est: 1961)
Teliarganj, Allahabad -211004
Tel: 0532-2641520
Seats: 450
Cut-off: Entrance exam
Discipline and a conducive work culture mark this college out.