January 12, 2011

is earth only planet who have life?

is earth only planet who have life?

It was recently estimated that there are 70 thousand million million observable stars in the universe, not to mention those that are beyond our detection. Given this, it is my personal belief is that we are not alone in the universe.

There's no real science behind this belief, but to me the size and numbers involved seem to indicate that there is more than a fair chance that there is life, intelligent or otherwise, somewhere out there. Otherwise, it would be an incredible waste of space.There are, of course, many people who are more scientific in their approach to determining the existence of life beyond earth than I am. One such person is Frank Drake.

Currently Chairman of the Board of the SETI Institute, in 1961 he developed the now famous Drake equation, which for the first time attempted to quantify the probability of detecting life (in this case, intelligent life) beyond Earth.

The Drake equation - N=R*FpNeFlFiFcL
N the number of detectable civilizations
R* the rate at which Sun-like stars form
Fp the fraction of stars that form planets
Ne the number of planets per solar system hospitable to life
Fl the fraction of planets where life emerges
Fi the fraction of life bearing planets where intelligence evolves
Fc the fraction of such planets where the inhabitants develop interstellar communication
L the length of time such civilizations continue to communicate before they end.....

This shows that there quite a large probability of there being life beyond earth.
we cant say that there are living things like us with two hands and two legs........there might have a source for a living creature to exist like water and sand.

recently scientist are saying that they have got info from satellites that there is water in some other planets(don't remember them).But yeah,there may be some small living things as virus and fungai slowly existing from that "water"source

We are living on a medium sized planet called earth which is orbiting a medium sized star Sun.

We have 400 Billion such starts in our Galaxy Milky way.

Almost everything have a region called Habitable zone around it, planets in which can host life. Earth is in Habitable zone of Sun so we are on it..

There are hundreds of billions of Galaxies in universe which in turn have hundreds of billions of stars. Just imagine...

There are many aliens around us in the universe. But the vast distance between us keeping us unknown to each other.

Our nearest star after Sun in our galaxy is Alpha century which is 4 light years away.

A normal space ship takes thousands of years to reach it.

Some conceptual spaceships now in minds of many scientists also take 75 years to travel to it.

Only Time travel can answer these questions.. Theoretically it is possible.

Most of the scientists believe there is more than 90% probability for life in other planets...
And it don't have to be a higher life form or an ET like in the movies.. it can be bacteria, fungi or virus or something like that.. We have found lower life forms (if I'm right, a kind of bacterium) that can survive a couple of thousand degrees.. and perform anaerobic respiration.. we have also found many rocky planets. but most of them are full of violent volcanic eruptions.. these bacteria may survive in these planets.. and in order to confirm it we will have to get samples from the planet.. which is impossible for now.. clearly it is possible that we may have already found planets with life.. but we are unable to confirm it...

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