August 18, 2012

Interview Tips for all job seekers and My Second Interview Experience

Here are a few interview tips to help you make a great impression on the person who interviews you.

1 . Market your skills and related experience in the field that you are applying for. Be sure to do it in a
way that is positive, but not cocky or aggressive.

2 . Research the company before your interview. It's a great way to know where you would fit into the
organization. It also lets the employer know that you really want to be a part of the company.

3 . Prepare answers to common interview questions ahead of time, and practice saying them, so you aren't
stumped during the interview.

4 . Dress for success, in the manner you would dress for the position you're seeking.

5 . Bring a list of your own questions with you in a folder with the company's name on it, so that you
don't forget them. You should keep your extra resumes in there too.

6 . Be a good listener and focus. Some job seekers talk too much during interviews.

7 . Be prepared to describe your weaknesses as strengths.

8 . Make eye contact with your interviewer.

9 . Don't volunteer your personal opinions to your interviewer about any subjects unless you are

10 . Try to establish a good rapport with your interviewer.Be casual but professional, and most
importantly BE YOURSELF! Take the time to implement these interview tips before your next job hunt. It'll
give you a leg upon your competition!

My Interview Experience of my second job

Following questions they asked me and I answered This way:

Q.1 What is extension of sql backup files?

Q.2 Do you have worked in any Live project?
Ans: Yes, I worked in project titled was "Conference Database management system" Developed in vb and oracle.

Q.3 What is Ajax?
Ans. Ajax is asynchronous java and XML. used in .net to get better performance of Page.

Q.4 What is your Current and expected Salary?
And. Current salary is Rs. 6000 PM. and expected salary is as per company norms.

Q.5 Ok you do practical test?
Ans Ok sir thanks.

Practical Question.
Manage data of any training institute and show record navigation and some report in 1.5 Hrs time duration.

After Practical I was selected.

I feel happy that I got job now your turn to get job if you are seeking