January 12, 2011

Meaning of Gravitation and make discussion

According to Newton's law of Gravitation, if every body attracts every other body, then at some point, the entire world would be a single condensed mass, right? There has to be some force which makes a body repel the other, so that there is an equilibrium. If gravitation(attraction) alone exists, then the Universe would not be made of several pieces. For the Universe to exist as different pieces, there should be roughly an equal amount of repulsive force. This may sound against the Newton's laws. But this makes some logic. Think!

Try reading the book, "Strepulsion Physics", which says that "Interstellar Repulsive Force" dominates the Universe which is responsible for this current Universal Structure. Relatively massive stars "repel" each other and "do not attract" each other, as planets do! This has been proved to some extent by Indian Astrophysicists, Navin K Shah and Jain.

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