August 18, 2012


1. Disasters Its statistics are almost similar to any other parts of the ocean. various authors just exaggerate things based on their beliefs in the myths. There are also errors in the data . for example a ship reported missing may be taken into account but it may show up two days later .and this will not be recorded.

2. Things Dissolve  I don't know what this means .but i would not be very surprised if sugar dissolves in the Bermuda triangle.

3. Magnetism ... there is no evidence of extreme magnetic force . but the compass readings do vary over the triangle area ... and not just the there but everywhere on earth. The compass reading usually varies over a particular geographic region.

I think the Bermuda triangle hides a warm hole or a singularity in it
"nature abhors naked singularity" i mean if u say its due to magnetic field , how do u explain the reappearance of ships or old things that were experienced by the people magnetic field doesn't play hide n seek.

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