August 13, 2010

copy a range column after the last column with in MS Excel

Option Explicit

'Copy a range/column after the last column with data

'Note: This example use the function LastCol

'This example copy column A from each sheet after the last column with data on the DestSh.

'I use A:A to copy the whole column but you can also use a range like A1:A10

'Use A:C if you want to copy more columns.

'Change it here

''Fill in the column(s) that you want to copy

'Set CopyRng = sh.Range("A:A")

'Remember that Excel 97-2003 have only 256 columns.

'Excel 2007 has 16384 columns.

'When you run one of the examples it will first delete the summary worksheet 'named DBMergeSheet if it exists and then adds a new one to the workbook.'This ensures that the data is always up to date after you run the code.

 Sub AppendDataAfterLastColumn()  
 Dim sh As Worksheet  
 Dim DestSh As Worksheet  
 Dim Last As Long  
 Dim CopyRng As Range  
 With Application  
 .ScreenUpdating = False  
 .EnableEvents = False  
 End With  
 'Delete the sheet "RDBMergeSheet" if it exist  
 Application.DisplayAlerts = False  
 On Error Resume Next  
 On Error GoTo 0  
 Application.DisplayAlerts = True  
 'Add a worksheet with the name "RDBMergeSheet"  
 Set DestSh = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets.Add  
 DestSh.Name = "RDBMergeSheet"  
 'loop through all worksheets and copy the data to the DestShFor Each sh In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets  
 'Loop through all worksheets except the RDBMerge worksheet and the 'Information worksheet, you can ad more sheets to the array if you want.  
 If IsError(Application.Match(sh.Name, _Array(DestSh.Name, "Information"), 0)) Then  
 'Find the last Column with data on the DestSh  
 Last = LastCol(DestSh)  
 'Fill in the column(s) that you want to copy  
 Set CopyRng = sh.Range("A:A")  
 'Test if there enough rows in the DestSh to copy all the data  
 If Last + CopyRng.Columns.Count > DestSh.Columns.Count Then  
 MsgBox "There are not enough columns in the Destsh"  
 GoTo ExitTheSub  
 End If  
 'This example copies values/formats and Column width  
 With DestSh.Cells(1, Last + 1)  
 .PasteSpecial 8 ' Column width  
 .PasteSpecial xlPasteValues  
 .PasteSpecial xlPasteFormats  
 Application.CutCopyMode = False  
 End With  
 End If  
 Application.GoTo DestSh.Cells(1)  
 With Application  
 .ScreenUpdating = True  
 .EnableEvents = True  
 End With  
 End Sub