August 16, 2012

Net banking

Net banking

If you are tried to stand in stand in a ling queue waiting for a passbook to be updates or wait for the next day for a demand draft to the prepared. Internet technology has evaded the portals of our banking institutions and everything is click away innovations like tale banking and automated teller machines (ATM) have considerably put customers at ease in the recent past but with net banking the customer will be able to transact with the help of mouse and visit to the neighborhood bank will become a thing of the past. Tough a modest start has been given in India; net banking has still a long way to go, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank. Citibank have endeavored to make real time banking a reality before this century closes. An average customer will be interested to know whatever firstly, net banking offers him/her a wide range of services, secondly show a history of transactions made, thirdly transfer funds between accounts and most importantly whether the services offered are well secured.

Few services offered in net banking are listed below.
• Net banking makes it easy to transfer one’s money from one’s money from branch in a particular city to any other branch in another city.
• One can open FD account via net. One needs to provider data regarding the amount and term of the deposit and also the branch in which the account is to be opened.
• One can order for an issue of a Demand Draft or a banker’s cherub. Draft will be delivered to the customer’s address and not to any third party.
• One can inquire on the balance in one’s saving, current and FD account and also on the tax deducted at source on one’s FD account and also on the tax deducted at source on one’s FD account for current and previous financial year.
• One can give instruction over the net for stopping payment on cheques.
• One can request for a chequebook via Internet, which will take three days to come.
• One can view all the transaction completed on an account for a specified provide and get a copy via e-mail.

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