February 26, 2015

Application Domain,Definition of SQL Server Integration Service(SSIS).

Application Domain

Application domain is nothing but a process(not exactly as normal process) where the application will be running on it. Application domain will isolates all the applications by running each application in a diff. app domain. For instance, if 5 applications are running on your system, it will then creates 5 diff app domain to guarantee the security. It also has the following advantages,

1. An application can be independently stopped.

2. An application cannot directly access code or resources in another application.

3. A fault in an application cannot affect other applications.

Definition of SQL Server Integration Service(SSIS).

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is one of the main issues of Microsoft BI (Business Intelligence) concept representing the data integration and data transformation in the enterprise level approach.

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) has the ability to gather data from various resources in different kinds of formats, process this data, transform data and convert the processed data into any shape that you can use in your daily business as well as for data-mining and data warehouse applications.

By using SSIS, SQL Server developers and Database Administrators can reach data from XML files, text files, CSV files as well as relational databases.

By using SSIS, emailing data or many tasks like storing the processed data into a file folder can be managed easily bu not writing a line of code using the SSIS task packages.

Server hardening

What is server hardening & what needs to be done ?


Server Hardening is not a small part. It is always a challenge for the Server administrator. I am highlighting few points for the same.

*Run MBSA scan and fix the errors/warnings found in the result of the scan.
*TCP/IP Stack Hardening.
*System partition permission
*Disable unnecessary services
*Services should be running with the least privilege accounts
*Administrator account should be renamed.
*There should be maximum two administrative privilege accounts.
*Logging must be configured to generate failure
*All unnecessary protocols should be disabled
*Firewall should be configured

Server hardening is a process to secure your server against unknown threats. Operating system is never 100 percent secure. There are several vulnerabilities or unknown bugs come with the operating system and server services. Server hardening is a process to shut off most of all the doors from where intruders can attack or compromise the service or entire server.
It must be performed on regularly bases (Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly) since day to day there are many bugs are revealed by the master of technology.