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January 11, 2016

Platform Independence of .NET Platform,Advantage,Disadvantages, Compare with Java application

Platform Independence of .NET Platform

Its lang independent as long as that language's compiler targets the managed environment.. i.e, code written in or VB.Net or any other .Net compliant language will result in the same IL.
certainly .net doesn't compile in UNIX. No compilers til date i suppose.. Heard that something similar exists to compile .net in Linux tho'..

Platform Independent does not mean O S independence in .NET terms. It means you can build a managed code and be assured it works on 32 - bit m/c, 64 bit m/c etc. Of course, at present it only supports Windows as O S, but Microsoft has left open the UNIX ( or any other O S for that matter) implementation of .NET run time. Lot of open source projects are going on in this regard.

Advantages of asp with c sharp over asp with

ultimately both copies in to MSIL, it depends on what application designing and what is the background of the developers who work for.

C# more structured and fully OOP enabled, even VB is OOP enabled, but I don't thing VB.Net supports operator overloading etc..

There is only Syntactical difference between these two:
1)Vb.Net is not Case Sensitive while C# is.
2)Statement Delimiter in VB.Net you use carriage return to separate sentences while in C# you need a ;(Semi Colon)
3)Declaring variables.
4)Data type names line integer in VB.Net and int in C#.

ts is just political choice for the PM/DM to choose C# or VB.Net with ASP. (Excluding resource capability matrix)

In my career graph, I have never seen the problem which tends to write operator overloading for the web application domain. Frankly, operator overloading may be targeted where responsibilities are driven with some kind of mathematical equation...

Its true that ASP.NET is more popular with C#. But, it has nothing to do with language capabilities but at the root where we people start learning OOPS(C++). And we imagine "class" more closer with C# syntax. There are other psychological phenomenon are there... but i don't have rights to bog you people.

Differences between .NET application and a Java application

Net is a technology, Java is a programming language.
.Net is emerging, java is already well established.
this question in a interview is to test your presence of mind and to see how many differences you say, is something like asking difference between a rose and lilly.

January 1, 2016

Bulkcollect and any restrictions in Bulkcollect In SQL

What is bulk-collect and any restrictions in bulk-collect ? what is the use of limit clause in bulk-collect ?


With bulk collect we can move all the resultant set in bulk to b processed in PL/SQL engine which kindles high efficiency but at the cost of memory ,thus the resultant set is moved in batches by giving how many records to be moved in one batch by specifying it in limit clause.

Actually bulk collect performance is very high,because when ever resource table having large amount of data to fetch data using cursors that is degrade performance of the application,to improve performance of the application then we are using bulk collect,limit is an optional clause using in cursor fetch statement with bulk collect clause.

Bulk collect reduces the context switching between the SQL and PL/SQL engines .. thereby increasing performance.. we can reduce the context switch to one but in case of very large data set. it's must that you use limit clause to manage the number of records to be moved in one context switch.

December 30, 2015

Activity Monitor fails- Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Error Details:

Getting below error when trying to open process details or checking long queries in Activity Monitor window in SQL server R2 Enterprise Edition.

The Activity Monitor is unable to execute queries against server [xxxx server]. Activity Monitor for this instance will be placed into a paused state. Use the context menu in the overview pane to resume the Activity Monitor.

Other Information:

Unable to find SQL Server process ID [PID] on server [xxxx server] (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.ResourceMonitoring)

Solution :

This error exist because one of your service is not enabled on server.Name of Service is Performance Counter DLL Host.

Just go to Services in control panel and find service Performance Counter DLL Host set it automatic and start the service.

After doing this you need to close sql and reopen again.

If still error not resolved then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PerfProc\Performance

by in registry editor using regedt32 command. Find key Disable Performance Counters and set value to zero then restart server.

I hope problem will resolve.

December 1, 2015

Virus protection tips for your laptop of PC

1. Please do not open any Email attachments from unknown sources your own personal mail accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

2. Kindly take backup all your important Data regularly on CD or DVD and scan external disk before using.

3. Please  do not click on any Links , sent from unknown sources, either via Emails or accessing your Facebook,twitter account.  These can be infected with virus.

4. Please do not Disable your Anti-Virus under any circumstances on your machine.

5. Update all Patches - Antivirus, Operating System , MS Office and windows patches update .

6. If you are unable to open any of your files then need to check virus infection and scan with antivirus.

7. If you use or share any External Drives such as  USB Hard Disks, need to SCAN them with the Antivirus software before using them.

November 20, 2015

Disadvantages of materialized View in SQL

Following are the Disadvantages of materialized View in SQL

1.We can not perform any DML Operations on materialized View ,but you can perform DDL Operations like DROP.The thing is here it stores the all records even if it is duplicate or non-duplicates,especially which we are using aggregate values.For example daily loads,monthly loads,yearly loads.such cases it would be very helpful storing of entire data if it is new or old.

The disadvantage is takes space Can only be based on a simple Select if you require real time data. maintaining the materialized View  Logs has an overhead on the master system.

2.We can't perform DML on materialized View  because it is like snapshot or read only .it is mainly used for reporting purposes.A materialized view can be either read-only, updatable or writable. We Can't Perform DML on read-only but can Perform DML on updatable or writable.

3.On readable - we cant perform DML.
on updatable- we can perform DML, we need to create the materialized View  by using FOR UPDATE clause and it must belong to materialized group.

on writable- if we create a materialized View  by using FOR UPDATE but do not assign a group it would become writable, we can perform DML but as soon as you refresh the materialized View, changes will be lost and will not be pushed to master table.