August 8, 2017

Security Awareness for your laptop,PC ,Mobile devices

1. Do NOT open any Email attachments from unknown sources like exe files , whether on your your own personal email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc. 

2. Do NOT click on any Links , sent from unknown sources, either via Emails or accessing your Facebook account.  Also, please refrain from accessing unknown Web Sites.  These can be infected with Ransom ware virus

3. Do NOT Disable your Anti-Virus under any circumstances .

4. Take regular  Backup of all your important Data and files .

5. Update all Patches - Antivirus, Operating System ,soft wares,Internet explorer etc MS Office, etc.

6. If you are unable to open any of your files that you use, please follow the instructions 
 If you notice any suspicious activity on your pc / laptop / laptop is running too slow, immediately disconnect your laptop from the network, shut off your pc / laptop

7. If you use / share any External Drives such as USB Thumb drives ,USB Hard Disks,CD,DVD etc please SCAN them with the Antivirus before using them.

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