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January 5, 2013

Pinging a Webservice in c sharp dot net

we can ping against only an IPAddress, not with URL. so what we can do is just make use of HttpWebrequest class to achieve the same. the below console program is used to sniff the site.
using System.Net;
using System;
public class Sniffer
public static void Main()
string lcUrl = "urlname";

// *** Establish the request

HttpWebRequest loHttp = (HttpWebRequest) WebRequest.Create(lcUrl);

// *** Set properties

loHttp.Timeout = 10000; // 10 secs

// pass Proxy string and bypass local machine if required.

WebProxy loProxy = new WebProxy("proxy address",true);

loProxy. Credentials = new NetworkCredential("username","password");

loHttp. Proxy = loProxy;

// *** Retrieve request info headers

HttpWebResponse loWebResponse = (HttpWebResponse) loHttp. GetResponse();


Console.WriteLine("Success ");

catch(Exception ex)
Console.WriteLine("Error : " + ex.Message);

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