September 4, 2011

Books name of visual studio .net and Networking

1. Dave Grundgeiger(2002)”Programming Visual Basic .NET”
First Edition, O’Reilly, pp->311-345
2. Matthew A. Stoecker(2003)”Developing Windows-Based Applications “Second Edition,PHI,pp->359-399
3. S.Michel et al.(1998) ”Adaptive Web Caching: Towards A New Global Caching Architecture”, Computer Networks & ISDN Syst.,
4. K. Thompson, G. Miller, and R. Wilder, "Wide-Area Internet Traffic Patterns and Characteristics," Proc. 3rd Int'l. Conf. Web Caching, 1998
5. Thuan Thai Hoang Q. Lam(2001)”.NET Framework Essentials”,O’Reilly,pp->183-207

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