July 1, 2011

Sharing printer between two PC

Sharing printer between two PC

In the first PC where the printer is connected & installed.

1. In windows explorer - Go to Tools>Option>View.
2. Enable "use simple file sharing (recommended).
3. Go to Start>Settings>Printers & Faxes
4. Right click the Printer - click Sharing
5. Click Share this printer and Click List in Directory
7. Click Apply

In the second PC where the printer to be installed.

1. Go to Start>Settings>Printers & Faxes
2. Click Add a Printer>Click Next
3. Click Network Printer.>Click Next
4. Click Find a Printer in the Directory>Click Next
5. Click Find now - you will see the Printer listed below
6. Select the Printer>Click OK

Your printer will be now installed in the second PC. Do the appropriate settings.

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